Ieuan Westwood-Hicks (ICB)

Independent Barber

Trained by a former member of the Bentley & Co. team, Ieuan is now a master barber who joined Bentley & Co. in early 2018.  He has since built up an excellent client base.

Ieuan’s focus on his customers’ needs is second to none and enables him to ensure that he creates the authentic styles they’re looking for.  A quick learner, Ieuan is always looking for ways to fine-tune his skills.

A keen sportsman, Ieuan plays rugby, football and lacrosse. He also enjoys socialising, music and fashion.

Ieuan says:

Each haircut I do is a different style challenge and  I love using my ingenuity to come up with a style that exceeds my customer’s expectations.  I’ve also known many of my customers for a long time, which makes this job great.”

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