Independent Barber

John’s talent was spotted by Bentley & Co.’s master barber, Panicos Lazarou who also trained him and he’s been an independent, licensed barber at Bentley & Co. for over 3 years.  He has a keen eye for what’s both stylish and current and uses this to add a contemporary twist to classic men’s haircuts.  Describing himself as ‘incredibly detail conscious’, John believes that detailing is key to creating individual, authentic styles.

A ‘dedicated follower of fashion’, John loves clothes and in his spare time, he’s also an avid collector of memorabilia and has an eclectic taste in music.  John’s always up for a good chat. 

John says:

Each haircut I do is a different style challenge and  I love using my ingenuity to come up with a style that exceeds my customer’s expectations.  I’ve also known many of my customers for a long time, which makes this job great.”

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