Bentley & Co. style guide

The sides and back are short with this trad style and you’ll need about 7cm on top.  Keep your hair flat to the head and in place with a wax or strong styling gel.

Our indpendent barbers have been adpating this style for customers lately and can add a few personal style tweaks for you.

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Keep up the tradition with one of our traditional hot-towel shaves  

Most men were clean shaven in the Gatsby era, so why not go for it and have one of our hot-towel shaves to complement your traditional cut? 

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The ultimate home shave

Here are our top tips for the ultimate shave at home:

Prepare the skin before you start

If you haven’t tried exfoliating before, there’s a first time for everything! Exfoliating twice a week will get rid of any dead skin cells and also unleash any stubborn hairs under the skin’s top layer.

The shave 

Make sure your skin is wet before you start – shaving a dry beard isn’t much fun!

Apply shaving cream with a brush

This ensures your stubble stands up and will make for a much smoother shave.  We have a superb range of shaving kit available at our online shop. 

Use a high-quality razor

To achieve a close shave and also reduce sensitive skin, a good razor is a must and don’t forget to replace the blades regularly.  Bentley & Co. loves Muhle shaving kit – check it out in our online shop.

Post shave 

Rinse your face with cool water, pat it dry moving downwards from your cheek bones to chin and you’ll feel great.

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